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  • 61162 ... Verf "Roest"
    61162 ... Verf "Roest"
    Prijs:10.50 €
    ArtikelmodelN 61162
    Marklin Noch H0 61162 ... Verf "Roest" ...
    Marklin Noch H0 61162 ... Verf "Roest" Grow Old Gracefully! The Rust Paint is a fascinating creative product which gives all models a rusty look in a very short time – independently from the item itself.  Whether you take cars made of plastic and metal or plastic or cardboard bridges, all products get a really »old« look with the NOCH Rust Pa...
  • 61165 ... Verouderingspoeder (8 kleuren,6 g)
    61165 ... Verouderingspoeder (8 kleuren,6 g)
    Prijs:14.50 €
    ArtikelmodelN 61165
    Marklin Noch H0 61165 ... Verouderingspoede...
    Marklin Noch H0 61165 ... Verouderingspoeder (8 kleuren,6 g) When new becomes old... Weathering Powder makes gleaming plastic surfaces disappear and all surfaces appear weathered and older.  The set contains eight different colours: cement, ash, sand, dust, rust, brick-red, lichen, soot.  This product is perfect for making bridges, houses, cars, locomoti...
  • 61167 ... "Verouderings-crème" (6 kleuren)
    61167 ... "Verouderings-crème" (6 kleuren)
    Prijs:16.50 €
    ArtikelmodelN 61167
    Marklin Noch H0 61167 ... "Verouderings-cr&...
    Marklin Noch H0 61167 ... "Verouderings-crème" (6 kleuren) Quick weathering, easy to use! Weathering has never been so easy! The NOCH Weathering Cream is a viscous material and can be applied with a paint brush or a sponge on the surface to be weathered. You will achieve interesting effects by mixing the colours or applying them one after the other. In that wa...
Artikel 1 tot en met 5 (van 5 artikelen)
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