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14349 ... Zelfdragende carportNOCH - [N 14349]

Noch H0

14349 ... Zelfdragende carport

Enjoy Modelling with Small, Finely Detailed Accessories!
The NOCH Laser-Cut minis series consists of small, realistic, easy-to-assemble laser-cut kits. These cable rolls complete every construction site and building scene.
During the years the NOCH Laser-Cut kits have been advanced so that even finest details and structures are visible. Thanks to the special composition of the NOCH laser cardboard the models are stable yet easy to shape. They have a natural matt surface without the glance of plastic products. These highly detailed, delicate accessories will find a place on every model railway layout. They are inexpensive and add life to each model landscape.

A carport is a shelter for a car beingt a useful border for a parking space. It prevents a car from environment influences like rain, snow, hail, leaves or ice on the windshields.

Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces
Length: 65.00 mm
Width: 35.00 mm
Height: 34.00 mm