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43634 ... McDonald\'s restaurant met McDrive
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43634 ... McDonald's restaurant met McDriveVollmer - [V 43634]


No.: 3634 · track H0
size: 176x158x98 mm

Who doesn't know a McDonald's Restaurant? There are not only Burgers and Pommes to eat, but also lots of healthy dishes as well as a good cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

The new architecture of the McDonald's Restaurants inspired us to build it as a model and to offer it as a kit. Together with McDonald's Germany this model was developped and approved.

The building has a very open and inviting layout. The roof is sloping backwards and the yellow arcades are a reminder of the company's brand mark. Big windows guarantee a wide and bright restaurant area. As a car driver you will obtain your food at the drive-in counters.

These newly designed restaurants have different sizes in reality, depending how much local space is available, e.g. an additional outside McCafé area and/or a bigger restaurant area.

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