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60008 ... Voith Maxima 40CC SGL .. DC sound
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60008 ... Voith Maxima 40CC SGL .. DC soundVoith - [V 60008]

Voith Maxima

Powerful Start into a New Dimension:
Maxima Mainline Locomotives from Voith.

The locomotives of the Maxima family combine the advantages of highly reliable diesel-hydraulics with enormous power. The locomotives can reach speeds of 120km/h to 160 km/h and are suitable both for heavy goods trains and passenger trains.

With 3 600 kW, the Maxima 40 CC is the world's most powerful single-engine diesel-hydraulic locomotive. The slightly smaller Maxima 30 CC has the same basic functions, but a somewhat smaller engine and a larger tank. Both vehicles are ideally suited for operations requiring high tractive efforts and input powers.