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  • 65606 ... Themaset: Boshut
    65606 ... Themaset: Boshut
    Price:33.95 €
    ModelN 65506
    NOCH .. H0 Thema-Set "Boshut" D...
    NOCH .. H0 Thema-Set "Boshut" Details themaset "Boshut" De themasets bevatten lasergesneden kits, figuren en de belangrijkste accessoires om een ​​knutselthema volledig te ontwerpen. Elke themaset bevat ook een lasergesneden speciale lijm. De sets zijn geschikt voor zowel beginners als professionals. Inhoud:      Lasergesneden b...
  • 65612 ... Themaset "BBQ-hut"
    65612 ... Themaset "BBQ-hut"
    Price:30.95 €
    ModelN 65612
    NOCH .. H0 Thema-Set "Grill hut" ...
    NOCH .. H0 Thema-Set "Grill hut" Details themaset "Grill Hut" Complete scènes in één doos! De themasets bevatten alles wat je nodig hebt om een ​​leuk tafereeltje te maken, van de lasergesneden kit tot de bijpassende figuren en decoratieve materialen. De set bevat zelfs een geschikte lasergesneden lijm. Het knutselplezier kan dir...
  • 66112 ... Autowerkplaats "Schrauben Karle"
    66112 ... Autowerkplaats "Schrauben Karle"
    Price:33.20 €
    ModelN 66112
    Marklin Noch H0 66112 ... Autowerkplaats "S...
    Marklin Noch H0 66112 ... Autowerkplaats "Schrauben Karle" Small Scenes with a lot of Attention to Detail  The small backyard workshop matches every industrial zone or can also be used alone as a single building.  In both garages of the small workshop, one works and makes things and next door in the office, the customers are attended to a...
  • 66701 ... Micro-motion "Liefdesstal"
    66701 ... Micro-motion "Liefdesstal"
    Price:79.60 €
    ModelN 66701
    Marklin Noch H0 66701 ... Micro-motion "Lie...
    Marklin Noch H0 66701 ... Micro-motion "Liefdesstal" Real (Country) Love…  The Love Barn is certainly this year’s »hottest« NOCH novelty.  Inside the pretty wooden barn it gets hot - this is real country love! The couple included in the kit is moving thanks to the micro-motion drive. This scene is completed by a loudspeaker and th...
  • 66803 ... Collectieve moestuintjes "Fronwies"
    66803 ... Collectieve moestuintjes "Fronwies"
    Price:32.50 €
    ModelN 66803
    Marklin Noch H0 66803 ... Collectieve moest...
    Marklin Noch H0 66803 ... Collectieve moestuintjes "Fronwies" Small Scenes with lots Attention to Detail.  In the garden plots, all is tranquil.  At the weekend, the plots are tended to and in the afternoon one relaxes enjoying one or two cold beers...  The set includes the following Laser-Cut Kits: three small Garden Plot Sheds, an Entrance Gate, an...
  • 66822 ... Micro-motion "Open-Air Film Festival"
    66822 ... Micro-motion "Open-Air Film Festival"
    Price:199.00 €
    ModelN 66822
    Marklin Noch H0 66820 ... Micro-motion Dans...
    Marklin Noch H0 66820 ... Micro-motion Dansvloer 2015 NOCH launch a micro-motion Open-Air Film Festival under the title »Roll Cameras!« Enjoy your favourite films together with the NOCH figures on your model landscape. Using a Cinch-connector the 4,3 inch display is simply connected to an output device, for example to a DVD player or a tablet. The sound...
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products)
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