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52781-2 ... SNCB … Dieselstel 553.01 .. tp III .. CA/SOUNDPiko - [P 52781-2]

2 PIKO .. H0

Brossel 553.01 NMBS t p.III For 3-rail, equipped with digital Mfx sound decoder. Technical description For Marklin Mfx and sound Type 553 - 553.01 (later series 49). Model in two shades of green with single headlights. Light green above and dark green below, separated by a black band below the windows. On the front a yellow band under the roof edge, a yellow band around the headlights and three narrow bands next to the headlights. Yellow inscriptions and chamois colored number on the front and side. Under the window next to the door, in yellow, the words 'no smokers - non fumeurs'. A small B logo on the front. Factory plates under the entrance doors. Black roof with separate cooling unit and six fans. Single headlights with white and red LEDs alternating with direction of travel (factory set to white / white alternating with direction of travel). Rear lights can be controlled digitally. Black chassis and black bogies. Simply furnished driver's post in a brown color with LED lighting. Interior fittings in the passenger compartment with brown seats and brown floor, also equipped with LED interior lighting. The floor is raised and reaches under the benches and has no legs, this was necessary to make room for the drive and electronics. Detailed metal chassis. Engine with flywheel and cardan transmission to 1 bogie. Power consumption via both bogies. Printed circuit board with Plux22 decoder interface and buffer capacitor. Prepared for the installation of a loudspeaker. Coupling holder according to NEM standard and swiveling mounted on the chassis. Scale: 1/87 (184mm). Limited edition exclusively for the Belgian market.